Author's Corner: Beyond The Metaverse

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Welcome to Author’s Corner! A portal where children are surrounded by infinite possibilities!


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Authors Corner is an opportunity for authors and community partners to demonstrate to our children the importance of literacy - truly creating a love for learning by bringing the book to life. 

The children will be taken on an adventure through the metaverse where time is a direction. Here they go ABOVE AND BEYOND their wildest dreams, exploring foreign lands and meeting key figures that have shaped society all while having fun through reading!

An author is invited to share each page of their children’s book - bringing their words to life! In an interactive space - the room will be recreated to reflect the contents of the book. A combination of environment and theatrical reading draw the children in and creates an immersive experience. And after engaging in a larger-than-life reading experience, students will take home a signed copy of the book to cherish for years to come.

For a small donation, you can bring the Metaverse to life for a child in Liberty City. For only $25; a child will be able to:

  1. Meet a children’s book author who looks like them.
  2. Receive a signed copy of the book.
  3. Enjoy the chance to participate in a live scene from the book.

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