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PIANO SLAM is a transformative experience bridging writing, music and performance


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You and I know that when words fail, music speaks. 

Imagine, then, a program that lets both music and words speak. That is why of the 4 programs of the Dranoff 2 Piano, my deepest passion is for PIANO SLAM. My years of direct experience being in the trenches of the actual in-school concerts, workshops and rehearsals showed me how much of an impact this program makes. The students bring their love of music and walk away with a positive outlook about their future, greater communication skills,  and the knowledge that their voice, their rhythm, their language counts!

Teachers appreciate the engagement.  “As the prevailing attitudes dominating the discourse on education focus more quantitative results and multiple choice assessments, learning has become formulaic, automatic. Instead of encouraging creativity and the invention, students are  taught to keep their thinking inside the box. PIANO SLAM afforded me a rare opportunity to engage with my students in an innovative way, where for once there was no such thing as a wrong answer." - Lindsey Tiers, 2016

Musicians find fresh perspective. “Spending time with these young people and listening to their stories is very important to put me back in touch with my musicianship, because I want my music to say “something” and sometimes I forget that.” Pianist Bobby Mitchell, PIANO SLAM 9

That is why I ask you to join me in support of this program. Every dollar given helps make that vision real. It feels wonderful to be part of making positive, lasting change. Listen to Jean Paul and  Kemauri and  imagine the impact your gift can make. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Here is a menu of some of the costs of producing PIANO SLAM. If you want to make a gift for specific items please contact Carlene or Annette at 305 572 9900 or me at 305 775 2747. 

$100 prize per student semifinalist (there will 18-20)

$100 prize per teacher of student finalist (there will be 18-20)

$300 meal for students in ensemble rehearsals (8 rehearsals)

$500 teaching artist per school day (in 20 schools)

$500 pianists in concert per school day (there will be concerts in be 8-10 schools)

$600 per bus for student transportation from schools to the Arsht Center event (there is a need of 8 buses)

$700 PIANO SLAM intern

$900 sponsor one PIANO SLAM “family night“  in a middle school

$1500 portable sound system for school concerts

$2500 keyboards for school concerts

$2000 per student coach for semifinalists (5 coaches)

$4000 teacher training for PIANOSLAM  Music and Arts integrated curriculum and student preparations


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