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In light of the current coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic slowdowns, Roxy Theatre Group strives to be as pro-active as possible with respect to the health and political climates. Actions taken include the following of CDC guidelines as they evolve by utilizing their most current health resources like school posters and the latest social distancing and hand washing protocols. Our facility is not very large, but we host a number of different performing arts classes, so we have had to limit the number of participants per class; we have required everyone to constantly wear masks; and we have demarcated specific spots in each classroom where each student may stand while taking class. With these precautions, along with regular temperature checks and hand sanitizing, we have prevented the spread of the virus within our programs. When a student has tested positive for the virus, we have been transparent in our communications with our families so that they can take the appropriate steps and precautions for the safety of their loved ones. We shut down for a short time while awaiting results on not only the affected child, but on any teacher and other students that may have had exposure. Being in it together means we have each other's safety above all else.