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Currently the 100k+ professionals working throughout South Florida's tech and startup ecosystem are spread out across hundreds of miles, distributed in silos, and affiliated with dozens of distinct micro-communities. There is a lack of mapping and tracking of people across the community, which is hindering our ability as community organizers to better serve them. South Florida's tech & startup community lacks a central platform that connects members of its various interest groups (i.e. Startup Grind, Wordpress Meetup, Data Science Meetup, Venture Cafe, Refresh Miami, Women in Miami Tech, etc). In a recent pull of South Florida groups, you'll find a significant number of communities with followings in the thousands. However the platform isolates each group from one another, inhibiting collaboration and cross pollination between group organizers and individual members. In addition, while the platform does a decent job of promoting events, it lacks the tools needed to foster community b​etween events​. Given the current inability to host in-person events, now more than ever community members are looking for better ways to connect and learn from each other in a virtual way. To address this, Refresh Miami is creating an online platform to better connect the entire community. This platform will enable group organizers to manage and engage with their communities through a host of tools, while also giving individual members the ability to find and engage with each other in meaningful ways across all meetup groups. Members can: - Pose questions/ask for advice in Forums, increasing knowledge-sharing within the community - Participate in Office Hours with industry leaders facilitated by Refresh - Join Refresh's Talent Database to be considered for future job and freelance opportunities Group Organizers can: - Leverage tools like forums, discussions and direct messages, to increase engagement between members - Collaborate with other group organizers to share best practices and partner on events, increasing membership and reach - Benefit from the 10k+ monthly traffic Refresh's website generates - Sell sponsorships within their group page, providing an additional source of revenue during this difficult time We're currently on target for a November soft-launch with seven of the largest local meetup groups signed on and over 21k members combined.