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Social Impact Movement breathes social change. 

We're not just talking about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - we're living them! 

We've been at the forefront of the "SDGs in Miami" movement, sparking change and inspiring a new wave of SDG-focused leaders and innovators. Every project we undertake resonates with our core values: Collaboration, Imagination, Creativity, Curiosity, Empathy, and Love. 

We're driven by a vision to ignite tangible, positive social change on a global scale, bringing together diverse stakeholders in a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity.

Our aim? To equip individuals and communities across the globe, starting in Miami, with the knowledge and tools they need to tackle urgent global challenges. More than that, we seek to inspire and involve these stakeholders in our quest for change.

We dream of a world where everyone is conscious of our planet's challenges and is actively engaged in crafting a more equitable, sustainable future. 

As the learning hub for sustainable development leadership, we are committed to developing programs that EDUCATE, INSPIRE, EQUIP, AND ENGAGE leaders and future agents of change. Our moonshot is "1.000.000 people have become agents of change/replicators of sustainable development in their communities by 2030."

The four programs work on systems change, unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals' visibility and training through active participation, reading, writing, visual content consumption, and social entrepreneurship education. Our programs contribute to building global citizens of the future and are committed to transforming communities through their businesses or personal involvement.

Below is a description of our major programs/activities and projects:

SDG Learning: Our curation of several educational tools and resources for individuals to improve their knowledge on topics covered by sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and social change initiatives. Featuring, the exclusive SDG news platform for students worldwide to learn about the SDGs that are actively influencing the evolution of AI. Through a partnership with SDG Investors which allows us to work with universities to apply for grants jointly, we did our first implementation of SDGtalks in Aug 2022 at Universidad La Gran Colombia (Colombia). In 2023 the SDSN Global Classroom Program.

SDG Voices in Miami: A podcast allowing the voice of the youth to be the primary source in understanding why they are committed to solving an issue. The format enables one’s initial reaction and emotion to be heard and understood on a personal level. A youth-led Miami podcast focusing on educating our listeners on the Sustainable Development Goals topics, sharing initiatives that impact the Sustainable Development Goals that are happening in the world while unveiling Miami changemakers. Current rolling out the third season.

SDG Ambassadors: A leadership development program that promotes social entrepreneurs, changemakers, global thinkers, and doers committed to educating and demanding a call to action on issues affecting our community through the Sustainable Development Goals framework. Ambassadors participating in the Social Impact Movement program can develop a sense of building advocacy campaigns, networking for the progression of their goals, and examining local issues through an interdisciplinary lens. This project started in 2019 and is underway, currently featuring 5 ambassadors for SDG 4, SDG 5, SDG 13, SDG 14, and SDG 16.

SDG Business: Launched in alignment with the United Nations Global Compact call to unite businesses at the decade of action 2020 – 2030. Our collaborative approach, partnering with other SDG-geared institutions, not only fosters a sense of shared responsibility but also encourages businesses to integrate sustainability practices into their operations and strategies, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient local economy. In 2021, we started a collaboration with Accountable Impact, offering the SDG Impact Pledge and the SDG Consortium to local businesses.

In 2023 we became the community partners of the Impact Hub South Florida joining their efforts of connecting, inspiring, and enabling the social innovators in South Florida. The South Florida hub is part of the global Impact Hub network with more than 111 places present in 65 countries.

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Social Impact Movement (SIM) is a catalyst for social change in Miami, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build partnerships, raise awareness, educate, and inspire our community to take action on issues related to social justice, economic progress, and environmental changes.

. We equip SDG leaders and changemakers with tools advancing for the SDGs;

. We form partnerships to leverage SDG education for youth;

. We are the community partners of Impact Hub South Florida.

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