The Miami Sudbury School

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The school operates like a micro city governed by the young people who are its citizens, complete with judicial and legislative systems and robust community laws and policies that regulate student life. Like any city, students at our Sudbury school pursue their interests, collaborate with other students of any age, and have all the rights and responsibilities you would expect a voting citizen to have.

Instead of emphasizing content and a pre-planned curriculum, our focus is on character and personal development. We practice life by living it together. All learning happens through meaningful student-initiated activities, including play.

Through a unique freedom with responsibility approach, Sudbury schools help young people develop executive functioning, time management, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Students are free to develop practical skills and arts along with traditional academic pursuits. Over the 50 years of Sudbury schools worldwide, Sudbury students have excelled in higher education and business, not "burnt out", but still fresh with curiosity and confidence.


The Miami Sudbury School is a K-12 democracy where young people have human and civil rights. We give the time and space for young people to learn who they are, what they like, and how to achieve their goals while working authentically within a mixed-age community based on respect, responsibility, and self-direction.

Instead of pre-planned curriculum, testing, and grades, Sudbury students learn "on the job" by running the school and pursuing their interests in a mixed-age, ungraded school community based on meaningful work, civil and human rights, and community respect.

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