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What do Margaret Thatcher, Kofi Annan, and numerous sitting or former international leaders have in common? They have all participated in the premier State Department-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), which Global Ties Miami proudly implements in South Florida.

For 64 years, Global Ties Miami has been at the forefront of citizen diplomacy. We've hosted thousands of leaders from hundreds of countries, facilitating crucial dialogues and fostering lasting connections. Our dedicated team tirelessly coordinates meetings between international visitors and local leaders on a diverse array of topics, ranging from environmental conservation to judicial reform, from public health initiatives to economic development strategies.

Annually, we welcome between 350 and 400 leaders from around the globe, maintaining open channels of communication and understanding, even when official diplomatic routes falter. Each program we curate turns local influencers into citizen diplomats, revealing an America to our international guests that transcends the portrayal found in their domestic media. By doing so, we're not just hosting visitors; we're shaping a more connected and empathetic world, one leader at a time.

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Your Impact: Your donation can make a significant difference in the lives of Americans and international leaders. Help us expand our ability to build a more secure world by bridging political and cultural differences through our high quality professional exchange programs.

Become a Diplomat: By donating, you become part of our Global Ties Miami community and gain access to opportunities to represent your country and community in front of a global audience.

Your Legacy: Be remembered for making a positive impact in the world. Your donation can create a lasting legacy of thoughtful giving to creating a safer and more secure world.

Be Part of a Solution: With tensions rising between the U.S and other nations, our most potent tool to preserve national security is to promote positive perceptions of the United States. 91% of exchange participants say they communicate more accurate information about the United States to people in their home countries because of their exchange experience. Your donation is the reason we can continue to do our part to promote strong international relationships.

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Global Ties Miami brings international visitors and South Florida communities together to foster global understanding, cooperation, goodwill, and friendships through citizen diplomacy and international exchange, ultimately working towards a peaceful and prosperous world.

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