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Action, education, and sustainability are the core of our organization. Food is arguably the most basic human need, and we recognize the role nutrition plays in every aspect of life.

We aim to empower our youth to navigate beyond institutional obstacles that contribute to food insecurity and combat the effects of diet-related inequality while building healthier generational habits. In addition to our in-school breakfast program, Smoothies 4 Students has grown to include nutrition education, holistic wellness programs for families, and volunteer-led mentorships for students to maximize the resources they receive and generate change throughout their entire community.

In addition to the widening of the educational gap, our students were also subjected to increased food insecurity as they were unable to receive adequate nutrition while being confined to the areas they lived - many of which were considered food deserts with little to no access to fruits/vegetables. This, combined with the overcrowded living spaces, many students are forced to live in close proximity to some of our most vulnerable populations, putting the entire community at risk. It is important that we are able to provide foods that will allow support to their immune systems while allowing access to the nutritional benefits necessary for EVERY student to persevere through these unprecedented times.


The mission of Smoothies 4 Students is to provide access to healthy foods and nutrition education to students living in underserved communities throughout Miami.

We believe the ability to maintain a wholesome diet should not be determined by your zip code. By offering a nutrient-rich breakfast to children before school, Smoothies 4 Students provides the nutrition needed during key developmental stages that will allow for optimal functioning in class. Combined with educational resources and community-focused programming, our vision is to create a natural environment that fosters each child's ability to reach their full academic and professional potential.

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