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Missed the Give Miami Day deadline? Don't worry, your support still counts! Our fundraising season is just beginning, and every contribution drives meaningful change in our community. Click below to make a difference today. 

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Support South Florida People of Color (SFPoC) on #GiveMiamiDay and be part of a transformative movement for a more inclusive and equitable Miami.

We're on a mission to cultivate an equitable Miami where diverse voices are not just acknowledged but celebrated, leading to empowered and thriving communities. We accomplish this through education, fostering open dialogues, and passionate advocacy with a dedicated focus on healing, equity, and nurturing inclusive leadership. Our aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of Miami residents by uniting diverse communities, encouraging individuals to unlearn deeply ingrained biases, and promoting connections, collaboration, and a more just and inclusive society. 

As we face headwinds in Florida's changing landscape, we need your support more than ever. Recent laws have put a strain on our ability to deliver Equity and Inclusion (E&I) education, a crucial step in dismantling systemic issues. These challenges impact not only us but also the communities we serve, as our work addresses the root causes of inequality, not just the symptoms.

Your Donation Empowers Our Initiatives: Your generous contribution enables us to fund transformative programs that promote unity, understanding, and cultural celebration in Greater Miami:

1. Awkward Dinners: These candid conversations bring diverse voices to the table, fostering empathy and understanding. Your support ensures that these dialogues continue to break down barriers.

2. Unity360 Community Dialogues: These gatherings are a cornerstone of our mission, providing a safe space for people from all walks of life to engage in meaningful conversations. Your donation helps keep this vital platform running.

3. Cultural Programming: SFPoC extends its reach to organizations, offering cultural programming for events like Black History Month, Haitian Heritage Month, and more. By funding these initiatives, you help us make these events accessible to the public, ensuring inclusivity and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Our Urgent Plea: We are striving to raise $50,000 to sustain our vital work. In the face of adversity, your support is a lifeline, allowing us to continue addressing systemic issues, educating communities, and promoting unity. Your contribution helps us navigate these challenging times, ensuring that the impact of our programs and services reaches even further.

Join Us on #GiveMiamiDay: Mark your calendar for November 16, with early giving opportunities from November 13 to 15. Together, we can create a thriving, stronger Miami for all. Be a part of this powerful movement, support SFPoC, and help us drive positive change from the roots to the branches.

Don't let the headwinds hold us back; together, we can sail forward towards a brighter and more inclusive Miami. Donate today!


Empowering South Florida’s diverse communities through education, dialogue, and advocacy with a dedicated focus on healing, equity and inclusive leadership.

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