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As we navigate 2023, a critical juncture plagued by attempts to erase Black history, we confront challenges head-on. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis' actions curtail education on African American studies, and distorted narratives downplay the brutal truths of slavery. Across the nation, efforts to stifle discussions about racism persist. 

Amid adversity, we stand strong. Support SFPoC on this momentous occasion of #Give828. Stand against historical erasure, amplify the truth, and contribute to lasting change.

We are committed to creating a transformative experience that fosters healing and advances a society built on equity and inclusivity.

We curate enriching and educational community programs that celebrate diverse perspectives and empower individuals with different identities to connect and collaborate. Through the exploration of history, arts, and culture, we aim to foster meaningful dialogues that pave the way for healing, genuine inclusiveness, and a sense of belonging.

We firmly believe that sustainable transformation starts with nurturing relationships, addressing conflicts, implementing strategies to dismantle oppression, and actively advocating for change.

In 2015, South Florida People of Color (SFPoC) was established to address the pressing issue of equitable political representation in the town of Miami Shores. Our core vision aimed to bridge the gaps across racial, ethnic, and cultural divides, fostering a sense of community through meaningful dialogue and engaging cultural events. This collective effort has given rise to a range of initiatives that have garnered recognition and acclaim, including:

The renowned "Awkward Dinner" series, which has been honored with prestigious awards. These dinners provide a unique platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and explore uncomfortable topics, challenging social norms and fostering growth.

The celebrated Unity360 Community Dialogues, which have received widespread acclaim. These dialogues serve as a safe and inclusive space for community members to engage in open conversations about identities such as race, gender and sexual orientation, aiming to promote understanding, empathy, and unity.

The Unity360 Critical Film Series, an esteemed program that showcases thought-provoking films addressing critical issues related to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Through this series, we create opportunities for reflection, education, and constructive dialogue.

Unity360 Event Programming: we prioritize tailoring our programming to suit the unique needs of every client and community we serve. We understand the significance of customization in fostering meaningful connections. Alongside information sharing and knowledge dissemination, we emphasize experiential activities and storytelling to encourage individuals to engage with these subjects on a profound level, promoting perspective shifts and enhanced understanding.

In 2018, the Unity360 Institute was established as a program powered by South Florida People of Color. As an integral part of our organization, the Unity360 Institute recognizes the urgency of engaging in critical conversations about the pervasive impacts of oppression. Building upon the success of the award-winning Awkward Dinner series, which encourages individuals to embrace discomfort, the Unity360 Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to challenge social norms, dismantle supremacist ideologies, and empower individuals to unlearn deeply ingrained biases.


Giving supports Miami Communities coming together to enjoy cultural experiences and having authentic, interactive conversations in facilitated, nonjudgmental, safe spaces to address critical issues facing the wellbeing of our Miami.

We are committed to racial healing and dismantling oppression in all its forms - individual, institutional and systemic - through education, dialogue and advocacy across the racial, ethnic and cultural divides.

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