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The success of Miami Rush Kendall SC both on and off the field, will evolve naturally as the result of the development of our players. Rather than solely measuring success in term of winning games, league and tournament championships, the Miami Rush Kendall SC family views success by what is accomplished by each member on the pitch, in the classroom, and in the local community. We expect each player to uphold a high standard of excellence that includes regular attendance at scheduled practices and games: respect; for fellow players, coaches and referees; maintaining a high-grade point average in school; and, at the older ages, volunteering for community service activities or mentoring younger players and teams.
Miami Rush Kendall SC players have proven that success comes from hard work and passion for their sport. This passion ignites at a very young age and strengthens as it harnesses and guided through the years by our coaching staff.

With the contributions of our community, we have supported financially many players with limited financial recourses. We have helped these players to reach a dream. Many members of Miami Rush Kendall SC will ultimately play at the next level, which to some may mean the MLS Next academy program, attending universities, and playing for college soccer programs, as a large number of our alumni already have, and possibly one day representing our country on the US National Team or wearing the jersey of a professional club.

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Miami Rush Kendall SC is prepared to develop the passion, commitment, desire, and knowledge of the game to develop our players to succeed on the field, in the classroom and in society. We aim to develop players who have the athletic skills, and academic and personal foundation to become successful student-athletes at the collegiate level, if they choose to follow that path. Our staff asks only that players with this same passion and commitment take the step to be a part of our young and proud tradition of "wearing blue, white, and yellow". Together, we are creating the future of youth soccer here in Miami, Florida.

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