Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership, AEDAP

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In Miami, AEDAP primary projects are:
AEDAP community calendar designed to provide community based organizations, their yearly accomplishments in order to reduce duplication and promote this true essence of partnership.
AEDAP Youth Leadership Programs particularly AEDAP Experience the summer has been ongoing since 2012. Funded in 2019 by the Children Trust AEDAP Experience the summer unique in its kind target boys and girls 7 years to 18 years old. This program split in three areas welcome children at early age in sessions to help them focus on their identity. Identity youth trainings is paramount for AEDAP. These sessions help boys and girst feel at ease in their skin at very early age and also interact with others and share about their origin, culture, home habits and more. The second group 10-13 is exposed in sessions as responsibility and becoming a peer. They acquire skills like sharing, team building role play and tolerance for one another. Lastly the 13-18 group are the leaders they play really role peer support, they mentor a younger leader in the same group. They also earn community service hours for involvement in community initiatives.
AEDAP also has been partnering with communities faith based organization and create a true essence of community engagement and conducted Christmas Toys Distribution
The Fourth main champion AEDAP project is the Senior Health and Wellness Programs in partnership with St-Anne Garden. Part of AEDAP give Miami Day always goes toward AEDAP yearly Senior Thanksgiving Celebration at St Ann Garden .
AEDAP also conducts its leadership retreat in format of breakfast, gathering and/or round table bringing community partners together to meet, share, exchange their accomplishments and learn from one another.
AEDAP also conducted a psychosocial assessment trip to Haiti post Haiti Earthquake this year August 14th 2021. AEDAP is in its second stage of immediate emergency response. AEDAP also needs your help ADOPT FAMILY PROJECT


Our mission is to provide support to community organizations and individuals through a combination of leadership, health, social, and cultural services that empower them to become better leaders and create stronger communities.

Our vision consists of two complementary strategies that address the needs of our beneficiaries and welcome the support of new stakeholders.

First, AEDAP will act a universal platform where our donors, volunteers and supporters participate as strong ambassadors for the less fortunate.

Secondly, AEDAP aims to be considered an international reference model of service that grantors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders trust and support.

The Core Values of AEDAP are:

• Transparency

• Culturally Sensitivity

• Sense of Community

• Belief in the Value of Partnership

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Association of Exchange and Development of Activities and Partnership, AEDAP

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