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**Named NOVO Award Winner for Innovation in Non-Profits for 2022 by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce**

Located in the heart of South Florida, 305 Pink Pack is dedicated to making a profound impact on the cancer community by actively transforming lives. Recognizing the numerous challenges accompanying a cancer diagnosis, a group of women affected by various forms of cancer established the program in 2020 to extend their support to others facing similar journeys. Now in its fourth year of operation, 305 Pink Pack remains the sole organization in South Florida that promptly addresses obstacles to care for women undergoing cancer treatment and has provided assistance to 300 women in the community.

305 Pink Pack understands the immense physical, emotional, and financial toll a cancer diagnosis can impose on individuals and their families. These critical concerns often become significant barriers to both care and recovery. To alleviate these burdens, 305 Pink Pack offers a wide range of assistance, including:

  1. Transportation
  2. Child-care
  3. groceries
  4.  housekeeping
  5.  self-care services
  6.  emotional support
  7. aid with financial assistance applications. 

Each member receives a customized program tailored to her specific needs, addressing barriers to care and recovery while relieving families of the overwhelming expenses and logistical challenges. Notably, social workers play a pivotal role in identifying women at the highest risk of facing barriers to care and serve as our primary source of referrals. Our close collaboration with them has helped us advance our goal of reducing health disparities within marginalized communities.

Your contribution allows us to provide services at no cost to any member, ensuring that local women are able to access their cancer care and recover from it.

Our members are:
-73% Hispanic, 17% Black or African American
-82% live at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Line
-64% are under the age of 60
-66% have been diagnosed with early or metastatic breast cancer and we assist women with all types of cancers


305 Pink Pack provides vital direct and support services to women in cancer treatment in South Florida, at no cost, allowing our members to focus on healing and spend more time with their families. Our program provides local women the equity they need to access their cancer care by creating a tailored program that meets her needs. Our services include:

-Comprehensive transportation for appointments




-Grocery Support

-Emotional Support

-Assistance completing financial aid applications for living expenses

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