On My Own, Corp.
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Individuals with disabilities have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Social isolation, lack of opportunities for educational engagement, and inability to leave their home (in compliance with the rules and regulations of assisted living facilities ) have contributed to increased rates of depression and numerous health consequences for homebound adults with disabilities. Since April 2020, On My Own has responded to the needs of homebound adults with disabilities in the following manner: Two month-long summer camp to support the emotional and educational needs of our clients. Ongoing cooking classes, both virtual and in-person to support the attainment of independent living skills. Laundry classes at a local laundromat to support the attainment of independent living skills. Ongoing health and wellness classes to support health living. Social Outings (breakfast club, park exploration, kayaking excursions) Daily delivery of donated bread from Publix Over 1000 nutritious and individually packaged meals delivered Over 300 families served with a 50 lb box of food for a week of healthy eating Drive by food caravans - free shopping from our trunk! Collaborations with several non-profits to provide food for adults living in their group homes.