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Belafonte Tacolcy Center, Inc.
To equip youth and families in Miami's impoverished Liberty City Community with the fundamentals necessary to move their lives and social standards beyond the distressed nature many encountered daily.

Miami Dance Futures Inc.
Miami Dance Futures, Inc. is dedicated to the support and growth of dance in Florida. We encourage, promote and assist Florida artists by providing administrative, financial and technical support, commissioning new cross cultural artistic works, advocating and sponsoring educational conferences and developing new projects through cooperative ventures and innovative management. We provide opportunities for outstanding Florida artists to continue making contributions to their communities through these difficult financial times.

Miami-Dade County, Animal Services Department
Our mission is to save the lives of abandoned animals in our care, protect animals from cruelty, reunite lost pets with their owners, protect people and pets in our community from health-related issues and ensure the public's safety.

Citizens for a Better South Florida, Inc.
Citizens for a Better South Florida (CITIZENS) is dedicated to providing environmental education, particularly to the diverse underserved community, which inspires active stewardship and preservation of the South Florida environment.

The Childhood Cancer Project
Our mission is to advance the current understanding of cancer biology and explore new ways to cure, control, and prevent disease.

Friends of South Florida Music, Inc.
Friends of South Florida Music raises funds in support of its mission to provide comprehensive and age-appropriate musical and developmental activities for underserved and low income children in the South Florida region.

Liga Contra el Cancer, Inc.
League Against Cancer / Liga Contra el Cáncer is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization, which provides FREE medical care to needy cancer-diagnosed patients, without regard to race, creed or national origin, provided that they have established residence in the State of Florida.

Teatro Avante, Inc.
• To preserve, further develop and enhance our Hispanic cultural heritage through the creation and presentation of universal theatre and excellent educational programs, and to participate in the artistic growth and expansion of worldwide theatre by presenting an outstanding artistic and educational program through Avante's annual award-winning International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami

Bee Brave Buddies
Our mission is to put a Bee Brave Buddy doll in the arms of all children around the world in treatment or recuperation from cancer, who need a hug, to make these children feel brave and to provide emotional support to children and young adults with cancer and other serious illnesses by giving dolls, original Bee Brave Buddies books, cards and other Bee Brave Buddies gifts.

Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc.
Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc. empowers the children, youth and families in our community by providing services that enhance their emotional, physical and educational well-being.

Beth Torah Adath Yeshurun, Inc.
Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus' Mission Statement: Beth Torah is committed to meeting the diverse spiritual, religious, educational, social, and cultural needs of our community.

Reach Bacc
Reach Bacc is committed to "Building character, helping youth identify and live with purpose." It is our commitment to help youth develop the skills essential to becoming agents of change within their families and inner city communities.

Jewish Community Services of South Florida, Inc.
The mission of Jewish Community Services is to improve the quality of life and self-sufficiency of the Jewish and broader communities throughout South Florida in accordance with Jewish values.

Biscayne Park Foundation, Inc.
For the Enhancement, Beautification and Promotion of Biscayne Park.

Great Heights Foundation
Great Heights Foundation's mission shall be to assist families of children and adults with special needs by providing funding for non traditional therapies, educational support, parent education, family counseling, recreational programs at no cost, equipment, and/or any other of the child or adult's needs. A child or adult with special needs includes but is not limited to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's, and Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy or other conditions associated with intellectual and physical disabilities.