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On a normal day, 1 out of 4 of Miami-Dade's children battle hunger. Now, in the midst of this brutal pandemic, those numbers have skyrocketed. We have seen an unprecedented increase of 500% in the amount of food we are distributing. So many people are out of work or had hours reduced, and have no idea when they will return to work are seeking us out to keep their family fed. To make matters worse for these families, 1/3rd of Miami-Dade's local pantry network is closed! This means more people facing hunger and fewer sites available to assist them. And that's not all! A significant number of households are not able to travel to an access point to get the food they need and require our delivery services! This unprecedented level of need will very likely continue through at least the end of the year, and people, having been devastated by this virus, will continue to require assistance for many, many months to come. By year's end we will have served well over 100,000 people. Today we are hoping to raise just $1 for every person we help so that we can continue to serve at this unprecedented level by adding urgently equipment, and supplies to service our neighbors during this crisis. Every dollar you give today will give vital assistance to 1 more person.