Americans for Immigrant Justice
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6355 NW 36th Street Suite 2201
Miami, FL 33140
Organization Details
AI Justice has joined partner organizations in filing a federal class action lawsuit advocating for the immediate release of all people held in South Florida's three detention centers. Through their brave declarations, the plaintiffs have illustrated the dangers of detention. ICE's inaction and negligence has exacerbated an already precarious situation, and the only remaining remedy to this outbreak in the making, is a mass release of individuals from immigration detention. Our clients include individuals in detention who are asylum seekers, survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and long-time members of the South Florida community. Detainees are sitting ducks as COVID-19 spreads. They have no way to practice social distancing and sanitation and healthcare have been inadequate for years. We fear they are in grave danger. We have ramped up advocacy for ICE to release all detainees not subject to mandatory detention but in the meantime continue to advocate for our clients' release on an individual basis. It is imperative that we are able to provide this advocacy without interruption. We closed our physical office due to the COVID-19 crisis in accordance with local government recommendations on March 16 to protect the safety of our clients and staff. We moved to completely virtual operations. As the crisis continues and we have been ordered to stay home, our technology needs have grown, and we are need in of extra funding for tools to sustain our remote work, including lease of printers, scanners and Adobe Acrobat license (to prepare filings) so that our advocates can continue zealously advocating for their clients from the safety of their homes.