Americans for Immigrant Justice
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In recent years, constant changes in immigration policy have affected thousands of immigrants. Changes in laws and regulations, modification of application formats, fee adjustments, and changes in processes have created confusion and misinformation, and have exposed immigrants to fraud from people who take advantage of them. The situation was exacerbated with the arrival of COVID-19. Immigrants and their children, many of whom are American citizens, have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Millions of immigrants who are part of the country's essential workforce were some of the most affected individuals. Many, including DACA recipients, have been left without economic assistance during the pandemic. There is no right to free legal representation in immigration court, not even for children. Non-detained immigrants that have attorneys are 5 times more likely to pursue relief, and nearly 5 times more likely win their cases than those without attorneys. Detained immigrants who are represented by an attorney are 11 times more likely to pursue relief and are twice as likely to obtain relief. In Florida, 52% of immigrants in removal proceedings do not have a lawyer.