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One of the early effects of COVID on our organization was the postponement of the exhibition "The New Woman", originally scheduled from March 5 to April 5, 2020, during the Biennale of Female Photography in Italy. This postponement led to a permanent loss of the curatorial honorarium from this project. Also, WOPHA was put under strain due to the rescheduling of the WOPHA Congress (November 2020 delayed until November 2021). Meanwhile, our ability to raise matching funds for this Knight Foundation project was halted. A lead supporter of WOPHA informed us that they were unable to continue our monthly support of $1,000. This resulted in a $ 9000 loss of anticipated operating support. As a young organization, COVID-19 interrupted our infrastructure plan to create a major website that would give WOPHA a robust and continuous digital platform for years to come. Regular business expenses were covered through personal expenses as needed, on an emergency basis. During this time, we could not pay our consultants and vendors. We were unable to pay a large portion of our staff and had to postpone their activities.