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This July 2021, the International Coral Reef Society (ICRS) published their policy paper "Rebuilding Coral Reefs". The ICRS represents the international coral reef science, management, and conservation community, and for the for the first time, they gave an urgent call for action: the immediate development and implementation of scalable technologies utilizing sexual coral reproduction for coral restoration. "SECORE is one of the few organizations capable of addressing this issue because of our innovative tools and techniques and we feel a great sense of responsibility and urgency in this race against time," states Dr. Dirk Petersen, SECORE's CEO and Founder. "We need to move our scientific research, technology development, and training and implementation programs at a much faster path because every coral spawning event counts! We need to significantly expand our efforts to keep up with the race against time. With your continued investment and engagement, we can stay in―and win―the race to save these precious ecosystems!"