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We have never stopped. We have been providing pet food and supplies to our clients throughout this pandemic so that they could keep them. We continued to keep pets in their homes with their family we never missed one day. In addition to the over 1800 clients we provide for, we gave food and supplies to over 5,000 people who were out of work due to Covid 19 and needed help feeding their pets. We continued our food bank in Miami but we staggered the people picking up and the time slots so as not to bring a crowd. Our senior clients were hit very hard in Miami many of whom travel via bus to pick up their pets food and supplies. We had to start delivering to them because they would not leave their homes. Our numbers grew in both client needs and home delivery. In August we were contacted by the Aging Alliance who also saw this need skyrocket and developed a list of seniors throughout all of Miami that needed their pet food and supplies to be delivered. by the Pet Project for Pets . This is something we do on a regular basis therefore it was a natural aspect of our program. We agreed to a 6 month program of delivering to 260 clients . There is no doubt that without the Pet Project for Pets services so many would have had to give up their pets during these unprecedented times. Our program has kept pets and people together during this crisis. I am proud to be part of this great effort.