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US citizen children of undocumented immigrants are a disenfranchised population whose needs are insufficiently understood. Their parental legal vulnerability impacts their health and wellbeing, access to services, and economic stability. Finding a legal guardian is a measure that families take to protect their children in case of possible detention or deportation. We make sure that the ties between children and parents are not disconnected and they will be not ended in the care of the child welfare system. The Number of families who reach out to us has increased by nearly 30% since 2017, corresponding to an increase in immigration enforcement and deportation. We rely heavily on volunteers and in-kind and cash assistance to provide the families with access to healthy food, school supplies, and safe housing. While before the COVID-19 pandemic many of these families could deal with their daily expenses, they have been dealing with many issues including unemployment, economic, and health issues. Because of their irregular immigration status, they cannot seek governmental assistance not for themselves nor for their citizen children. We provide food and hygiene packages for the families on a weekly basis, provide computers for the children to be able to study remotely. We also hold educational workshops for the children as well as their parents.