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Miami City Ballet has been a source of joy, inspiration, and healing for more than 35 years. We teach, we rehearse, we perform - we transform lives. We believe dance is about inclusion, about bringing people together in a shared environment, and experiencing art in deeply personal ways. We're telling stories that are familiar and we identify with and yet take us on different emotional journeys. Stories help us feel less isolated, more united, and more connected, something we all crave. Where we tell those stories is something we're thinking a lot about. While we're eager to return to our mainstage theaters later this year, honoring our commitment to inclusion inspires us to experiment with new avenues for sharing this art form we love, including non-traditional venues and digital opportunities. The love and generosity of thousands of people over the years has propelled our ability to bring our performances - and the stories we tell - to life. Three years ago, we launched our $55 million Transforming Lives Campaign and accelerated the momentum that has carried Miami City Ballet to where it is today - dramatically advancing our ability to tell our stories through dance. As we anticipate the successful conclusion of the campaign next spring, we're focused on the question of how and where we perform. We're intentional about including all who want to experience dance, making ourselves more accessible to children, youth, and families in our diverse communities. We're investing in tomorrow's dancers who will share their talents with our community for years to come. You make this possible. You bring our performances - and the stories we tell - to life. You continue to transform the lives of 200 children and youth enrolled in our school and the 20,000 people who experience dance - often for the first time - through our community programs. The time is now for Miami City Ballet. And this is your moment to play an important role in our future.