Learning For Success, Inc.
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The Pandemic has created a disconnect, isolating our young people and challenging our teachers to keep students motivated, learning, and focused on developing their vision for the future. It's also kept businesses and organizations who want to help train our future workforce from reaching these students. In order to keep this connection alive, we decided to harness our 25 years' experience and network to facilitate new ways to reach our students, teachers and schools. We're now bringing "Career Pathways", virtual presentations by Broward College and CBT College into schools to help students turn their passions into professions. We're connecting Publix Super Markets via virtual presentations to expose students to the myriad of possible jobs in their stores, manufacturing and distribution centers. Given the racial unrest in our country, our young people also need to take part in creating the solutions we seek, so we created SolutionsForChange, where students are interviewing community leaders regarding social justice issues, then developing their plans for change. Our most recent collaboration enlists prominent individuals who explain their paths to success via virtual presentations with the schools, and, recorded interviews we're distributing via our YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGb4yWluWOyz7AMpeEpcf-g