Community Arts Program (CAP)
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Organization Details
With an adept and deft team of 30 instructors and therapists, the Community Arts Program (CAP) continues to engage technical support, virtual teaching tools, and the sharing of techniques to meet seamless, virtual and on-ground teaching and rehearsals throughout COVID-19. CAP ensures that its children and youth have the technology to engage twice-weekly with CAP instructors for one-on-one instrument lessons, music theory sessions, and performing ensemble rehearsals. Additionally, CAP engages its web-based "CAPapp". The "CAPapp" is used by each CAP instructor and therapist. It holds student profiles and analytics, tracks student progress, and documents student, instructor, and family concerns to address and solve with regard to each student's learning and progress. A Community Arts Program (CAP) COVID-19 page was added to its website ( for CAP students, parents, instructors, and the community to access. This page contains current CAP news with links to the most recommended and daily updated local, state, and national sites outlining COVID-19 information. Largest adaptations CAP adopts in a safe move back on ground, are the following. A hygiene protocol that (1) calls for students and faculty to, following classes, wash hands after contact with instruments and surfaces, (2) requires all instructors to wipe down, with prescribed most-effective wipes, all instruments (e.g., pianos) and surfaces (e.g., door knobs and light switches) that engage shared touching by staff and students, and (3) cautions the sharing of instruments (e.g., teachers using a student's guitar, violin, etc. to demonstrate, and vice versa). The aspect of limiting close interaction by greater numbers at once, with relation to health concerns, brings focus on how participants may be more effectively reached through increased mindfulness of break-out groups. As CAP integrates more children and youth with special abilities/disabilities, CAP also weighs research on distance learning and its role for children and youth with special abilities/disabilities. Throughout COVID-19, CAP remains committed to "Changing Lives... One Child at a Time".