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In Miami-Dade County, our HDS B.R.I.D.G.E.S. Program supports the development of public high school-based social and community life skills activities designed to meet the needs of this niche population. Our HDS Program Managers lend their expertise and work hands-on with administrators, teachers, students, and parents taking part in our program to:

• Host Career Fairs and Community Based Instruction experiences.
• Incorporate a wide variety of community based-field trips to local businesses poised to provide potential future employment.
• Enhance life skills development initiatives such as establishing bank accounts, shopping opportunities, and learning about transportation options.
• Provide social skills opportunities during the school year that allow for the inclusion of these students in typical high school activities such as Homecoming, Football Games, Prom, and others.
• Connecting parents and families with resources in Policy & Advocacy, Community and Family Resources, Post-Secondary Education, Social, Health & Wellness, Summer Programs, and Transitional and Vocational Resources.
• Our "For your Toolbox" webpage provides checklists, guides, tips and other relevant material regarding transition, graduation, IEP meetings, employment, self-advocacy, guardianship, and beyond.

These are conduits to building better communication tools, peer mentoring, fostering friendships, and preparation for the post-secondary transition. Our programs make a difference in the personal growth, independence, and success of the students we serve!

Please consider supporting our mission; 100% of your donation through Give Miami Day will fund direct services. All HDS Foundation administrative costs are absorbed by the HDS Companies.


HDS Foundation offers programs and service opportunities that promote independent/semi-independent living for teens and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or related abilities. Structured as grants, our programs support the development of work and daily living skills and socio-educational transitional experiences through specific school-based partnerships. Our goal is to help this growing population with diverse abilities to bridge the gap and support their post-secondary journey, strengthening their chances for meaningful, long-term employment and self-sufficiency.

Our goals are achieved by providing:

• Opportunities that enhance Social Interactions.

• Education and information on available, safe, affordable independent living resources in their communities.

• Students the tools for the Transition from High School to post-secondary life and Careers.

HDS Foundation was founded in 2008 by Cristina Miranda Gilson, inspired by her daughter Kate, who is diagnosed with ASD.

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