Greater Miami Youth Symphony of Dade County, Florida, Inc.
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We are excited to share that beyond our regular programming, rehearsals and performances we are expanding the opportunities available to our students, families and teachers. Our teachers will be leading the way on a curriculum project which will clearly define the goals and objectives of each level and will be developed from the bottom up - or the least experienced classes to the most experienced classes. Members of the committee are professionally certified educators who currently work with GMYS and they will be compensated a small stipend for their time and knowledge. While this project is meant to assist with the transition of students between groups, the investment in our teachers is also valuable. It is the belief of GMYS that teachers who have a voice and who feel appreciated will contribute greatly to the success of the organization as a whole. Also, our students now have the opportunity to participate in a newly branded program call the Miami Youth-Action Initiative (MYami). This program operates at two levels. The beginner students who are just learning their instruments will be mentored by the older students - our MYami Mentors. Beginners will receive one on one and group instruction from our most advanced student musicians. Furthermore, the MYami Mentors take on special community projects which benefit other nonprofits or underserved areas as well as manage their own project budget where they have the freedom to vote on specific activities, programs, guest artists and more. The idea is that students, through music, will have a better understanding of how they contribute to their ensemble, community and the world around them. Lastly to improve parent communication and involvement, we have instituted monthly office hours with the Executive Director. This time is reserved for parents to meet with the ED to express concerns, ask questions or simply be caught up on what is happening within the organization. All of this creates many more opportunities for current participants and community members. We are seeking innovative ways to keep students and families engaged as well as maintain high quality artistic and educational programming. Donations to GMYS would support our current programming and these exciting new initiatives!